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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> this is kpix5 news.
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>> we fight! we fight! we fight some more. >> we don't like them, they don't like us. no love lost. >> the seahawks? they are going to be like this on sunday. >> we already beat them once. why not again? >> plenty of big talk from 49er and seahawks fans. now it is time to get down to business. >> good evening everybody i'm brian cooley. >> i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm ken bastida in seattle. a lot of anticipation over the last couple of days. today, this city invaded by thousands of 49er fans who drove, flew, and some even walks from the bay area all the way up the pacific northwest for this gigantic game that is going to go off tomorrow morning and you know what? people are pretty much ready to get this thing going. >> this is bigger than the superbowl for the players, for the fans. this is what it is all about.
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>> reporter: this isn't just a football game that has people talking. >> are we scared of the niners? >> heck no! sea hawks! >> reporter: it is a show down that has people talking to death. >> i will tell you right now. i love it. jeremiah. >> reporter: over the past three days in seattle, we have heard endless talk about the 12th man. >> we affect the game play. >> reporter: we have heard seahawks fans tuck about what they see as certain victory. we have heard a lot of talk about a billboard. niner fans have definitely made their presence known. they have hit a little bit of a sore spot up here in the town of pipe washington. outside of the truck city cb shop where their billboard has been sabotaged. >> on sunday evening, you guys are going to be very
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disappointed and drink a lot of beer. >> reporter: as nightfalls in seattleing the time for talk is just about over. >> i'm ready to quit talking and start acting. it is time to see the b team win. >> reporter: everything is set, players are in their hotel rooms and the city is just settling into this quiet uneasiness and you know, i know there are preparations going on in the bay area as well and that is where brian webb is standing by at the san francisco city hall. brian? >> reporter: hey ken. a lot going on for the big game tomorrow. sports bars will be packed across the area. there is a block party in the mission district. tonight, city hall lit none red and gold. we may see something else and that is trouble. the city is trying to stay one step ahead. san francisco without the cable cars? it is kind of like coffee without the cream. even if it is only off the menu
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for a half day. >> i think the cable cars are part of san francisco. >> not only for san francisco, but everybody. >> reporter: the city's historic cable and streetcars come off the rails sunday afternoon and evening during and after the game, win or lose. >> i'm not happy. i have a three-night pass. >> reporter: these power lines that run the buses will be deenergized in case an under the influence fan try to reach out and touch one. >> what we have seen in the past is people get on top of the vehicles not aware of the overhead wires. >> reporter: these measures are meant to protect people and property. it wasn't that long ago after the giants won the world series this city bus was torched and totaled to the tune of $700,000. >> that is definitely fresh in our minds but mainly, what we are trying to do is make sure
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everyone is safe. >> reporter: still, there are tons of tourists in town to take in and scapple all the city has to offer. they can still get the coffee, but the cable cars will be a flavor of san francisco they will have to skip. >> i lot of travelers probably will be really disappointed. >> i think we have to celebrate. decorate them up and parade them up and down the road. >> reporter: the power lines will only be shut off on market street. san francisco police say there will be more officers out on the street during and after the game and ken, the cable cars will be back on the job bright and early monday morning. >> reporter: absolutely. those tourists need them to get around. this guy has been working. we call him the sixth man because he does the work of six people. i mentioned that last night. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: where you have a little breaking news here for us. >> reporter: you remember, we were at the world series in 2002. you remember how sick of the rally monkey we were? >> reporter: yes.
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everyone giants fan remembers it. >> reporter: i'm sick of the 12th man. all the talk will be who will be the person who raises the 12th man tomorrow? they raise the flag before the football game. so let me show you one guy who did it in the past. tim lincecum. he infuriated fans when he did it. but they came out with a poll they think is most likely to raise the 12th man flag. mike holmgren62%. macklenmore10%. lenny wilkins, john schneider. jerry rice. now there is no way jerry rice is going to do it. >> reporter: there was a rumor that lincecum was seen around town. >> reporter: we cannot confirm
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that. but our key, what the 49er haves to go to come away victorious. >> reporter: the sixth man, dennis o'donnell and back to our number one lady, ann notarangelo. >> thanks guys, we will check back if with you in a few minutes. a fire destroyed a popular neighborhood diner in san jose. the flames coffee shop near camden is a total loss. don knapp topped to the regulars who said the diner dished up much more than just food. >> reporter: employees arriving here in the early morning hours could only watch as their jobs went up in smoke. >> i was witness of all of it. >> how do you feel? cigarette was sad. >> reporter: the fire broke out around 6:30. >> about eight to ten minutes it went to a fourth alarm which is quite a few people. 75 plus personnel. 26 companies. >> reporter: the fire spread rapidly. they ran to a near fire hayricks but it was too late.
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>> they tried to get in and fire the fire, but it was so much smoke and heat and fire, they pulled everybody out. >> reporter: the restaurant is called flames and today flames regulars came to see the ashes. >> you want breakfast, come here. >> it is a place you could have a comfortable meal. the people were friendly. they talked to you. >> everything. man. this is a real sad day for us. where do we go now? >> reporter: but it is the workers who will miss it most. >> it was like our second home. it was not like a job. >> reporter: it was an all-day kind of place. >> breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks. kareoke. and witty banter. >> reporter: now as the owners deal with their loss, the workers have to find new jobs. the cause of the fire is still undetermined but it looks like
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it started in the kitchen. in san jose, don knapp, kpix5. in marin county, a wild fire burned about an acre of wooded land and is fully contained. no one was hurt and no structures burned but the rugged terrain made it very difficult to fight. firefighters were out there all night long. meanwhile while, firefighters in southern california are getting control of a much bigger fire in the san gabriel fires. the kobe fire is 61% contained tonight. mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted and people are being allowed back home. five homes were destroyed and 17 others were damaged. police on the peninsula are looking for a driver that hurt and struck a pedestrian. it happened at trucedale drive. a mercedes hit the pedestrian and kept ongoing on martinez
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drive. that intersection is a dangerous one. >> especially at night. the cars are rolling throw. it is not particularly well lit. so you know, i have had cars come close to me before they see me. >> if you have any information about the collision, you are asked to call the police. some of the passengers aboard the asiana flight are now sueing the company that built the plane. the personal injury suit against boeing claims some equipment on the triple 7 was improperly installed or defolkive and the company knew or should have known the plane had problems with auto throttle control and low speed air speed warning systems. now the centers for disease control says the salmonella outbreak that originated at the foster farms plants appears to be over. it sickened more than 433 people and more than 100 of them had to be hospitalized.
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the company's plant in livingston shut down to deal with a cockroach problem. a monumental day for caltrain. it is the oldest passenger rail in the west. today's celebration included the dedication of a plaque in san francisco and a special train free to the public headed to santa clara for another celebration featuring local leaders. about 54,000 people riding caltrain everyday. another bay area city is bans bounce houses at public parks. hercules was worried about people getting hurt and suing the city. there have been a number of instances of bounce houses blowing over with people playing in them. >> we just don't want the liability risk of what a bounce house brings. >> hercules is putting up signs letting people know about the change. for now, violators will get a warning but they could face
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fines. coming up, think seattle is going to win? you want to bet? who gamblers are putting their money on in tomorrow's championship. >> oh, but crushing the seahawks, logo that is. is sierra resort having a little fun. >> and they are doing it with snow. haven't seen much of that lately! as for the future, that is what the forecast is all about. the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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forth among 49ers and seahas fans... ahead of tomorrow's game. one guy we talked to san francisco -- was more tn confident in his team)) "outcue: "...they are goingo ((we thought t >> welcome back. we are live in seattle. i'm ken bastida. we are setting and getting ready for the big game tomorrow between the 49ers and the seahawks. there has been a lot of talk on both sides as you well know. 49er fans, before we left the
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city, though, we wanted to kind of just gauge the feelings of the common man. we found george. george runs the park view liquors in san francisco. we just wanted to ask him a regular guy ha he thought about the outcome of this game. here is what he had to say. >> i know my team. i am following my team since 1989. i know the niners very well. and i have a feeling the niners are going there, and are going to crush them man. when they are mad, oh boy. don't mess with them. they are going to kill them. >> reporter: that kind of honesty really through us back a little bit. but you know what? we have heard that from both sides in this epic battle. walks the streets now by the fish market and the space needle talking to 49er fans. talking to seahawks fans. everybody here has supreme confidence. take a look. ♪ [ music ]
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who do you think is going to win this thing? >> seattle. >> no way you can beat us at home. it is impossible. >> the niners are going to do it. >> who is going to win this game? >> we beat them once. so why not again? >> we are going to win this game. >> we are going to take the championship back to san francisco where it belongs. >> kaepernick, you are going down boy! >> reporter: the owner of the 49ers was over there buying fish five minutes ago. i talked to him. he said he might want a little piece of seahawk for breakfast sunday morning. >> oh really? he is getting more than a piece. he is geting the whole pie. he better be prepared to eat it. >> because we are going to beat the 49ers this sunday. you can believe that. >> there is no doubt about it. >> that is a lot of bold talk man against a team that has won five superbowls. >> we don't care about that.
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we are on top. >> that is why they play the game. >> all right. thank you very much >> reporter: yeah, i want to thank the tall boys out there playing a little bluegrass for us. i appreciate that. a lot of supreme confidence going on around here. and you know, brian and ann, i'm confident about one thing. one of these cities is going to be extremely happy tomorrow night and the other one is going to be going it was the officials. that is what cost us the game. one of the two. >> he went out on a limb on that one. >> i thought you were going to say in 24 hours we would know. all right, thanks very much ken. well the betting money is going on the 49ers sports books in reno. they are seeing heavy action on the team. part of it might have to do with the fact that collin
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kaepernick went to the university of nevada. they are placing more money on the 49ers than the seahawks but the seahawks are the favorite to win. but the internet doesn't like the seahawks. the facebook map shows a lot of red. california has turned into a red state hen it comes to football. the seahawks logo didn't stand a chance in a ski resort in truckee today. [ cheers and applause ] there it goes. a huge crowd of 49ers fans watched and cheered as a plow went right through it. the logo was 35 feet wide and 12 feet high until it got squished. a few seahawks fans were not pleased with the demolition. that is pretty precious stuff to be playing with. we are looking at numbers in the 40s tonight under clear skies and not much prospect of any rain coming in any time
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soon. never theless, that was not bad news for the sealions who are back in san francisco's pier 39. it is the 24th anniversary. the sea lions arriving back at the pier. there is also a new see lion center so you can learn a little more about these pinnipeds. we are going to be looking at things to be very warm tomorrow. 73 at redwood city. and caramel valley. still, 83 degrees at the home of john steinback, 82 in salinas. we will be in the upper 60s inland and along the coastline. game time, 46 degrees and partly cloudy skies. kickoff at 3:30. what were potent systems by the time they hit this ridge of
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high pressure, they have the breath knocked out of them. you can pick this up looking at the satellite. way out here, that looks powerful. as you get closer t system doesn't look as powerful and another trough that came through, there is nothing left of it but that. so by the time the systems hit the high pressure, they are done. that means we are going to look at more warm dry weather at least for the next week or so. so sunny through midweek. near record highs persist and no showers in sight. there is just none coming in. pinpoint forecast if you are headed out to sacramento, 67. be chilly tonight. santa rosa this morning at 7:00. 31 at livermore. average highs at this time of the year, san francisco, 11 degrees above our average at 68 tomorrow. down in the south bay. 10 degrees above average with 70 for a high. in the east bay, we will make due with mid 60s . 69 at
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pleasant hill. 67 in petaluma. and up north, we will look at readings near 70. we are looking for numbers to continue in the 60s inland. a little bit of cooling as we head to thursday and friday. but there is just no rain in the forecast saturday, sun comes out again. and no matter how far we look ahead, the 90-day outlook shows us with dry weather. february through april. boy, that is bad news. so stay tuned. all right, thank you very much brian. all right, are you going to make a prediction for the niners seahawks game? >> yes, before we leave the air,ly choose a side. i have been going back and fourth. ly choose a side. one last check with seattle coming up. and what is with the jim harbaugh name sake? harbaugh the horse on display. ,,,,
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famed california derby toda golden . >> named by a couple of die- hard 49er fans, harbaugh the horse on display at the california derby today at golden gate field. they had an early lead, but harbaugh would fade all the way back to seventh. exit stage left with jockey russell bay. the hall of famer was the winner in that one. now i would like to tell you that we sent dennis o'donnell to seattle in search of rain. instead. seahawk fans have rained on him. what is up this eve of this conference battle dennis? >> reporter: vern, i'm tired of
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the seahawks fans. i want the niners to take care of business tomorrow. at least the 49ers won't finish seventh tomorrow. but i have two thoroughbreds i want to dell you about. lynch and gore. that team wins the game, chevre back goes over 100 yards. and for lynch l is more than a superbowl riding on it. >> i don't know if he is the best but he is good. >> reporter: stop lynch and you stop the seahawks. beast mode is more than just his style. the oakland native put a trademark on the term beast mode and pulled in half a million in royalties in 2013. san francisco bay stage doug hendrickson represents him. >> we thought it was a cool
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moniker. i figure if seattle wins tomorrow, this thing will hit big and be on a national scale. >> reporter: earlier this week, they gave jennifer montana the right to sell beast mode. >> who do you think the montanas are pulling for? >> i think they are pulling for lynch and seattle. we will see. >> reporter: i should say that all the proceeds from lynch, the trademark name beast mode; they all go to his foundation so that's the good thing. but vern, the dodgers outfielder matt kemp offered him the beast mode for $100,000 and lynch said no thank you. by the way, there is no way the montanas are pulling for the seahawks. >> okay, all right. that is a matter of public record. thank you dennis and i will see you on the other side of a 19-
11:26 pm
17 49ers victory. vern glenn has predicted that the 49ers are going to win. it is on the air. that's it. >> reporter: i like it. i like that you took a stand. i told kenny the 49ers win the game 17-9. so we are both on the victorious side headed to new york city. >> see you game day tomorrow. >> all right. coming up after the break, a top seeded open. and warriors and the sharks. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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g... down under...venus wils was eliminated about a week ago, tonight...ana ivanovic took sister serena in 3 open to tch since la >> serena williams, why the long face? anna ivanavich took her out. she has not lost a match since last august. mark jackson defending the new orleans pelicans. the put back. steph curry, oh, he came roaring back. and you want some defense, how about andrew bogut? three blocks to the last three minutes and the warriors take them out 97-87. that san jose hat trick for saint louis. you know what? had four goals for the
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afternoon. on the shot. joe pavelsky scored a hat trick of his own to bring the sharks back to win by a final of 5-4. we will be back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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49ers and seahawks. especially ken bastida and dennis o'donnell who ll be covering >> well it seems like everybody is getting ready for tomorrow's championship game. >> especially ken bastida and dennis o'donnell who will be covering the story through the night. where are you guys watching the game from? >> reporter: live from century linkfield i think. >> in the press box guys. what's the final score? >> 28-0 49ers. say good-bye. ,,
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